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Vacu-Aide Suction Machine

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Vacu-Aide Suction Machine

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The updated Vacu-Aide Suction Unit design features reduced weight and noise level with improved battery function. The suction unit utilizes the widely available standard canisters for added convenience and ease of use.
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lighter weight
  • Quieter
  • Longer lasting lithium ion battery (7325P-D and 7325P-D-EXF)
  • 27 LPM (free flow) typical***
  • Model 7325D-D and model 7325D-D-EXF do not include carrying case however 7325P-D and model 7325P-D-EXF does include the carrying case. 


Color Blue & Grey
Operating Humidity Range 15 - 93% non-condensing
Operating Pressure Range 770 hPa to 1060 hPa (~7500 ft to ~1400 Ft below sea level)
Operating Temperature Range 0 - 40 C (32 - 104 F)
Product Dimensions 6.9"H x 7.0"W x 7.1"D
Product Weight 7325P-D, 7325P-D-EXF: 3.8 lb. not including power supply | 7325D-D, 7325D-D-EXF: 3.4 lb. not including power supply
Size 6.9"H x 7.0"W x 7.1"D
Storage/Transport Humidity Range 0 - 93% non-condensing
Storage/Transport Temperature Range -25 - 60 C (-13 - 140F)
Vacuum Range 50 - 550 mm Hg +/- 5%***
Warranty 7325P-D and 7325P-D-EXF: Limited 2 years on unit; limited 1 year on battery | 7325D-D and 7325D-D-EXF: Limited 2 years on unit
Material Composition Formed plastic, Vacuum Gauge, PCB, Foam

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