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    Champion Hernia Belt

    The Champion C-5 Hernia Belt is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is designed to maintain an inguinal hernia or rupture in reduction and can be worn with both adjustable pads for a double hernia or with either pad removed for a single hernia. PRODUCT FEATURES Effective support and control of a reducible inguinal hernia For single or double hernia. Removable pads allow use as a single support for either the right or left side; complete range of pad adjustment for a perfect fit Adjustable belt maintains position on the body for maximum support, containment and control Easy hook and loop fastening and adjustment on both waist band and leg straps Soft, tubular knit leg straps maintain pads in proper position; will not cut, bind or restrict normal movement Lightweight, low profile support

    $34.99 CAD

  • Neoprene Wrist-Thumb Support

    Champion Neoprene Wrist-Thumb Support

    The Champion C-303 comfortably supports both wrist and thumb in opposition. Indicated for tendonitis, mild sprains and strains, and repetitive motion injury. PRODUCT FEATURES Perforated neoprene interface material allows for comfortable long-term wearComfortably supports both wrist and thumb in opposition Reversible for right or left wrist

    $22.99 CAD

  • Pullover Elastic Ankle Support

    OTC Pullover Elastic Ankle Support

    This is a medium duty, controlled stretch ankle support that allows full range of motion. It provides compression where it is needed most - over the soft tissues of the joint - without binding or cutting around the edges. It increases wearer confidence for walking or standing. PRODUCT FEATURES Encircles the ankle like a bandage but without the bulk Durable rubber core elastic exerts compression over the soft tissues of the knee, fitting comfortably around the bony prominences of the joint Absorbs perspiration for all day wearing comfort Fits easily inside shoes - can be worn on either right or left ankle AVAILABLE SIZES Small Medium Large X-large

    $39.99 CAD

  • Elbow Night Splint Support

    OTC Elbow Night Splint Support

    The new OTC number 2428 elbow night splint support is designed for those suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome, a condition very similar to carpal tunnel syndrome except that is originates from near the elbow, rather than the wrist. The purpose of this elbow night splint is to keep the elbow comfortably fixed in a straight position (extended) while sleeping and thus prevent any involuntary, painful movement. It is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that is well padded. It features a lightweight rigid metal splint that can be easily removed from its pocket for washing. Dual fastening straps provide for a comfortable custom fit. PRODUCT FEATURES Prevents painful movements during sleep Gently immobilizes the elbow Comfortable Padding over bony prominence of elbow joint Non-abrasive fastening Easy to put on, easy to remove INDICATIONS FOR USE: Cubital tunnel syndrome Ulnar nerve pressure Carpal tunnel syndrome

    $65.00 CAD

  • Select Series Abdominal Hernia Support

    OTC Select Series Abdominal Hernia Support

    This hernia support is very simple in design and very easy to use. It serves to be a comfortable support for a abdominal/umbilical hernia in reduction, and can also be used in special situations after a hernia repair to prevent recurrence.  Lightweight and comfortable to wear under clothing. AVAILABLE SIZES Small Medium Large X-large 2X-large PRODUCT FEATURES Helps support weakened abdominal muscles Excellent post-operative support For umbilical hernia, weak, pendulous abdomen, contusions and tenderness Ribbed webbed elastic molds around body contours for a comfortable, custom fit Foam pad adds rigidity, padding, and provides direct compression on the hernia Advanced technology material provide ideal webbing and moisture management Odor reducing anti-microbial treatment

    $69.99 CAD

  • Elastic knee support with flexible stays

    Champion Elastic knee support with flexible stays

    Flexible stays for moderate medial-lateral support Lightweight, controlled four-way stretch elastic offers effective compressive support to entire knee area INDICATIONS: Sprains and strains, chondromalachia, osteoarthritis, patellofemoral tracking

    $19.99 CAD

  • Ankle Stabilizer with medial-lateral Stays

    Champion Ankle Stabilizer with medial-lateral Stays

    The Champion C-214 Ankle Brace has been constructed to provide more support than an ordinary elastic anklet, but does not restrict motion altogether as some harness type supports. The design of the brace allows the flexible support stays to work together with the sturdy fabric to provide maximum support while permitting normal activity. PRODUCT FEATURES Combines the compression and wearing comfort of a soft ankle support with the rigid stability of a heavier bracing device Flexible stays provide medial and lateral support, while maintaining natural movement of the joint to promote proper alignment and confidence during normal activity Open heel design prevents irritation and binding over top of foot, allows brace to fit easily into shoes without bunching Full adjustable strapping system allows for quick and easy application and custom fit; will not stretch during exercise

    $26.99 CAD

  • Knee Sleeve X515

    CSX Knee Sleeve X515

    A flexible opening over the kneecap (patella) helps the support maintain its correct position at all times. Perforated neoprene and comfort mesh panel behind the knee absorbs moisture and wicks away perspiration. Easy-on, easy-off finger pulls make it effortless to apply and remove the support.  Product Features Anatomically engineered for a precision fit Easy-on / Easy-off finger pulls Comfort-mesh panel behind knee Flexible patella opening Advanced Technology Materials Provide Ideal Wicking & Moisture Management to Maximize Performance Non-Allergenic Latex Free Odor reducing anti-microbial treatment Please note: It’s important to take accurate measurements to ensure you order the appropriate size. Please refer to the measurement chart. If you are at all unsure or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact customer service.  

    $43.99 CAD

  • Soft Resting Hand Splint

    OTC Soft Resting Hand Splint

    Provides injured or painful wrist the support it needs during day and overnight rest Reduces and prevents painful flexion contractions that can accompany the post-stroke recovery process Decreases pain and inflammation of painful wrist and thumb tendonitis Keeps fingers, wrist and thumb secured in a functional position Rigid molded plastic splint, comfortably padded, with removable and washable microbial fabric cover that eliminates odors, perspiration and other issues

    $49.99 CAD

  • Compression Thigh Wrap

    OTC Compression Thigh Wrap

    Wrap-around compression straps Can be worn by men and women Non-allergenic latex free Optimum moisture management Provides warmth and compression for hamstrings and quadriceps Wrap-around compression straps provide customized support Relieves stiff and sore muscles

    $54.99 CAD

  • Drop Foot Wrap

    OTC Drop Foot Wrap

    Detachable plastic inlay with elastic strap and quick release clip Provides dynamic support for drop foot and similar conditions Does not interfere with normal range-of-motion Improves gait by providing support when the foot is raised Can be worn comfortably for extended periods Controls foot stability to restore natural walking An everyday-use alternative to a leaf spring brace

    $39.99 CAD

  • Bilateral Hernia Support

    OTC Bilateral Hernia Support

    This hernia support is very simple in design and very easy to use. It serves to comfortably hold a either a single or double inguinal or scrotal hernia in reduction, and can also be used in special situations after a hernia repair to prevent recurrence. Its uncomplicated low profile asymmetric design allows it to be worn under clothing without detection. Available Sizes Small Medium Large, X-Large Product Features Effective in relieving discomfort while treating inguinal or scrotal hernias Web elastic encircling belt molds around body contours for a comfortable, custom fit Removable foam pads provide localized support at hernia site Detachable under straps can be tightened or loosened to increase or lessen support Simple hook and loop fastening for easy application Comfortable to wear

    $69.99 CAD - $74.99 CAD

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Supports and Braces

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