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BIOS Diagnostic Precision Series 10.0 Blood Pressure Monitor


BIOS Diagnostic Precision Series 10.0 Blood Pressure Monitor

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A Home-Medical breakthrough.

The BIOS Diagnostics Precision 10.0 is the only home blood pressure monitor equipped with atrial fibrillation (Afib) screening technology. Afib is a serious heart rhythm abnormality that accounts for 15% of strokes. Once detected, it can be treated effectively. Patented MAM averaging and advanced blood pressure PC software ensure precise readings and detailed heart health analysis.


  • AFIB - Atrial Fibrillation Detector technology icon is displayed when atrial fibrillation is detected during a blood pressure reading.
  • MAM - Averaging Mode technology used in the device provides accurate measurements. Using three consecutive measurements, your result is calculated and displayed as a single averaged measurement on the display screen.
  • Memory Feature 1 user, 200  blood pressure readings with time and date.
  • Blood Pressure Analyzer Software allows you to download, record and chart your readings to accurately monitor your daily readings.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Lifetime warranty


    • Wide range cuff: 22 - 42 cm / 8.7" - 16.5" 
    • Storage case
    • Log book
    • AC/DC Adapter

     Please note: Small and X Large cuffs are not available for this unit.

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