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CouchCane + Organizer Pouch by Stander


CouchCane + Organizer Pouch by Stander

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The CouchCane from Stander makes it easy for you or your loved one to sit down or stand up from your favorite recliner or sofa with ease and comfort. The CouchCane features a sturdy, ergonomically designed handle and a handy organizer pouch - perfect for keeping convenient items close by. The CouchCane is a must have for anyone with impaired balance, back pain or recent surgery. Also works great with a lift chair! To install just slide the base of your CouchCane under the feet of your favorite recliner, couch, or chair. The Couch Cane handle has a 250 pound weight capacity.

  • SAFETY HANDLE: Ergonomic handle makes standing and sitting easy and safe
  • SADDLE BAG: Store small, personal items such as remotes and phones next to your favorite chair
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Adjust the handle in height from 34"-40" tall
  • ADJUSTABLE BASE: Adjust the base in depth from 20"-36" deep
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Handle supports up to 250 lbs
  • COMPATIBILITY: Base pads fit underneath the feet of most couches and chairs
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Length 34-40"
  • Width 20-36" 
  • Height 7" 
  • Weight 19 lbs.

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