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  • Stride 3 in 1 Rollator

    Mobb Home Healthcare Stride 3 in 1 Rollator

    This walker is a versatile and convenient mobility aid with several features to enhance user comfort and functionality. Its unique side to side folding design allows for easy storage and transportation. The adjustable seat height and handle height make it customizable to provide a perfect fit for users of varying heights. The soft seat is not only comfortable but also features an integrated handle, making it easy to fold the rollator. The ergonomic hand grips ensure a comfortable and secure grip while walking. The wide brake handles make it effortless to lock the rollator in place for added safety. The padded backrest provides support and comfort for those moments when you need to rest. This rollator also comes with a removable travel bag that has a front reflector for added visibility. It also has a convenient cell phone pouch and an integrated cup holder for easy access to drinks and personal belongings. The integrated cane holder includes both an upper clip and a bottom tray for securely storing your cane. With 10" front wheels and 8" rear wheels, this rollator offers stable and smooth maneuverability over various terrains. The front and rear red reflectors enhance visibility during low light conditions. The only side to side folding rollator with multi-height seat adjustability Adjustable seat height Adjustable handle height Soft seat with integrated handle to fold the rollator Side to side folding Ergonomic hand grips Wide brake handles for easy locking Handle & push down to lock break Padded back rest Removable travel bag with front reflector Cell phone pouch Integrated Cup Holder Integrated cane holder upper clip Integrated cane holder bottom tray 10" front wheels and 8" rear wheels Front & rear red reflectors Specifications Seat To Floor Height min 18.5" - max 22" Floor To Handle Height min 31" - max 41" Seat Dimensions 9" D x 18.6" W Front Wheels 10" Rear Wheels 8" Weight Capacity 300 lbs Weight  21 lbs Height Adjustment Tool Free Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty  

    $379.99 CAD

  • Nitro Sprint Rollator Tray

    Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Nitro Sprint Rollator Tray

    The Nitro Sprint Tray is designed to fit on the Nitro Sprint Rollator to provide convenience at every turn. Fits on all Nitro Rollators Tray sits securely on top of the rollator seat Molded cup holder provides added stability for beverages Product Dimensions 17" (L) x 9.6" (W) x 0.5" (H)

    $65.00 CAD

  • Nitro Rollator Universal Cell Phone Holder

    Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Nitro Rollator Universal Cell Phone Holder

    The Universal Nitro Cell Phone Holder is designed to fit on all Nitro products with built-in accessory mount to provide convenience at every turn. Fits on all Nitro Sprint Rollators and Nitro Glide Knee Walker with built-in accessory mount Securely holds most smart phones with ability to view and use cell phone while in cell phone holder Locking mechanism ensures cell phone remains in its holder

    $29.99 CAD

  • 4" Elongated Raised toilet seat with Handles

    Mobb Home Health Care 4" Elongated Raised toilet seat with Handles

    Introducing the ElevateSeat, a toilet seat with unique features to enhance your comfort and convenience. The seat raiser adds an additional 4" of height, making it easier to sit and stand from the toilet. The ElevateSeat is not only functional but also easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and convenience. For added stability, the riser bolts directly to the toilet, ensuring a secure fit. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, the ElevateSeat offers reliable support for a wide range of users. Upgrade your toilet experience with the ElevateSeat, the perfect combination of comfort, stability, and convenience. The seat raiser elevates the toilet seat while adding 4" of height Easy to clean Riser bolts directly to toilet for optional stability Weight capacity 300 lbs

    $85.00 CAD

  • Seatrite Transport Cushion

    Mobb Home Health Care Seatrite Transport Cushion

    Introducing the ErgoCushion, a game-changing wheelchair cushion that prioritizes comfort, support, and optimal seating posture. Its ergonomic design ensures the even distribution of pressure, eliminating any discomfort or pressure points that can arise from extended periods of sitting. Designed to improve the sitter's upright sitting position, the ErgoCushion encourages proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of slouching or slumping. This helps to alleviate strain on the back and promotes a healthier posture while seated. Forget about the hammocking effect commonly experienced with standard seat sling materials – the ErgoCushion effectively cancels out this issue. Specially designed materials work in harmony to provide superior support. Featuring a low sheer outer cover, the ErgoCushion guarantees a smooth and comfortable seating experience. This cover not only feels pleasant but also minimizes friction and shear forces, reducing the risk of skin irritation or discomfort. Experience enhanced comfort, improved posture, hammocking cancellation, low sheer cover, and universal fit with the ErgoCushion. Enjoy the ultimate seating experience and make every moment in your wheelchair a comfortable and supportive one. Ergonomically designed for even distribution of pressure when seated Improves upright sitting position Effectively cancels out the hammocking effect of standard seat sling material Low sheer outer cover Universal fit for most wheelchairs/transport chairs for level support

    $49.99 CAD

  • Softer 4" Raised Toilet Seat

    Mobb Home Health Care Softer 4" Raised Toilet Seat

    The toilet seat described is designed with the user's comfort and convenience in mind. It features adjustable side clamps that ensure a secure fit onto the toilet bowl, eliminating any wobbling or shifting. This stability provides peace of mind for the user and their caregivers. The seat is also thoughtfully designed with depressions at the front and rear, making it easier for both the user and their caregiver to clean.  To further facilitate ease of use, the seat is slightly inclined, measuring at a 5:4" ratio. This incline aids in egress, allowing the user to easily get on and off the seat with minimal strain or effort. As for the seat's dimensions, it has a total outer length of 15 3/4" and a total outer width of 14". These measurements are carefully chosen to accommodate a variety of toilet bowl shapes and sizes. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that this toilet seat has a weight capacity of 350 lbs., ensuring its durability and suitability for individuals of varying sizes. Overall, this toilet seat offers a secure fit, convenient cleaning features, easy egress assistance, and sufficient weight capacity, making it a practical and user-friendly choice for those seeking comfort and functionality in their bathroom experience. Adjustable side clamps for secure fit Front and rear depressions for easier self and caregiver cleaning Slight incline (5:4") for easy egress aid Total outer length 15 3/4" Total outer width 14" 350 lbs. weight capacity

    $65.00 CAD

  • Transfer Bath Bench with Curtain Control

    Mobb Home Health Care Transfer Bath Bench with Curtain Control

    Introducing our high-quality bath transfer bench, designed to ensure a safe and comfortable bathing experience for those with limited mobility.  With its exceptional features and sturdy construction, this bench is engineered to provide optimal support and stability during transfers. The transfer bench also is capable of acting as a shower guard creating a safer experience.  With its full back and arm support, adjustable suction cups for added stability and a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. our bath safety transfer bench combines practicality, safety, and comfort in one exceptional product. Experience peace of mind and enjoy a revitalizing bathing experience with this reliable convenient aid by Mobb Home Healthcare.  Features Full back and arm support Height adjustable Suction Cup Feet for added stability 300 lbs. weight capacity Specs Height 31.5" - 35.5" adjustable Seat To Floor 17.5" - 21.5" adjustable Seat Size 27" x 16.5" *** Tool free assembly Weight Capacity 300 lbs Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty    

    $164.99 CAD

  • Positioning Bed Pillow

    Mobb Home Health Care Positioning Bed Pillow

    Reduces pressure on patient and strain on caregiver when turning patient Excellent for easy turnover repositioning to prevent bed sores Multipurpose use makes transfers easier Hygienic and easy to clean Available in Navy Blue

    $79.99 CAD

  • EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD

    Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD

    The EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD from Stander is the perfect tool to keep you or your loved one mobile, independent, and stylish. The unique, patented design allows the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator to fold up for easy storage and travel. The heavy duty rollator supports up to 500 lbs. Features No Assembly: The rollator is ready to use straight from the box; the handles can be adjusted from 31-38.25 inches; to fit, adjust to the height of your wrist when your arm is extended down; this product is intended for those weighing between 200-500 pounds Easy to Fold: This 30-pound rollator folds 2-3 times smaller than average bariatric rollators making it more portable and easier to store in your home or car; you get convenience and security with this heavy-duty, 4-wheel rollator Sit When You Need to Sit: The 21x10 inch large seat is non-slip and safely supports 500 pounds; the back strap offers extra comfort and stability when you need a place to sit for a quick rest while traveling, at the store, or on a walk Built to Be Used: This EZ Fold-N-Go Bariatric Rollator weighs 30 pounds and is built to go where you want to go; it comes with an organizer pouch for personal items that will help you enjoy traveling, running errands, or getting around the house Locked Down Security: This rollator is built to provide security on your journey; rest assured as you use the locking hand brakes to control speed and momentum; engage the brakes before you sit on the seat to be secured and stable while you rest Specs Length - 27" Width - 25" Height - 31-38.25" Weight - 30 lbs. Seat dimensions 21" X 10" Folded dimensions 16" X 10" Handle width 23.75" Wheel diameter 8" Weight capacity 500 lbs. Warranty: Limited Lifetime

    $700.00 CAD

  • Summit Walking Poles

    Drive Devilbiss Healthcare Summit Walking Poles

    GO FARTHER THAN YOU THOUGHT POSSIBLE! Drive Medical’s new Drive Summit Walking Poles help you stand tall, take pressure off your joints, and support your balance so you can stay active. Perfect for use on daily walks as well as more adventurous outings. Our adjustable walking poles feature ergonomic handles and interchangeable tips to help you stay stable and active on any terrain. Features Push-Button Locking System - Designed with an easy-to-use push-button locking system to offer more security than twist-locking systems with a greater weight-bearing capacity 200 lbs. weight-bearing capacity per pole Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum shaft Ergonomic Handle with Rubber and Foam Grip - Including three gripping options: The rounded top portion of the pole can be held in your plm for times you need to push yourself up; The molded middle portion of the handle is ergonomically contoured to support the wrist in a neutral position and reduce strain; As an alternative to the rubber grip, the absorbent lower foam handle offers cushioned comfort and is great for sweaty hands Removable Wrist Strap - Each pole features a wrist strap to help you carry the poles when not in use for walking. It is easily removable for added safety when walking (studies show a higher risk in injury if falling with hand through wrist strap) Carry Strap - Use a carry strap to attach the two poles together for easy carrying or storage Bell-shaped Tips - Perfect for users in need of additional stability or for more difficult terrain, the bell-shaped tips offer greater stability, off-loading and traction Angled Tips - Ideal for users looking for added propulsion or on paved or stable terrain, the angled tips help users push off and propel themselves Steel Tips - The poles’ integrated steel tip provides traction on nature trains, slippery or soft terrain and beaches Handle height adjusts with the push of a button from 37.75” to 47.75” Collapses to 30” or disassembles for storage and travel Specs Actual Product Weight: 1 lbs. Handle Height (Max): 47.75" Handle Height (Min): 37.75" Overall Product Height: 37.75" Overall Product Length: 2" Overall Product Width: 2" Primary Product Color: Mountain Print Primary Product Material: Aluminum Product Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

    $120.00 CAD

  • Sale -12% Elevate Upright Walker, Grey

    Drive Devilbiss Healthcare Elevate Upright Walker

    The Drive Elevate Upright Walker brings users increased balance and stability while promoting better posture and providing a more natural line of sight than traditional mobility aids. Height-adjustable upholstered forearm pads keep arms supported and level for comfortable use, while large, ten-inch wheels make it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With a one-handed, side-to-side fold, the Elevate Upright Walker is the stand-up mobility aid that’s easy to take on the go. Features Padded armrests and upright handle adjust to user height preferences Durable and comfortable padded seat Simple one-handed, side-to-side folding Includes removable zipper storage bag with strap Dual front fork for optimal stability and maneuverability Loop lock brakes for added safety and control Adjustable length dual handbrake system Large 10" multi-terrain front wheels for indoor and outdoor use Height adjustable backrest Specs Actual Product Weight: 23 lbs. Basket Height: 9.6" Basket Length: 15.5" Basket Width: 5.3" Casters: 10" Handle Height (Max): 53" Handle Height (Min): 48" Number of Wheels: 4 Overall Product Height: 48" Overall Product Length: 25.8" Overall Product Width: 31.5" Primary Product Color: Grey Primary Product Material: Aluminum Product Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Rear Wheels: 8" Seat Depth: 10" Seat Width: 18" Seat to Floor Height: 21" warranty: limited lifetime

    $425.00 CAD$375.00 CAD

  • Sale -6% PreserveTech Aquachair Bathing System with Bidet

    Drive Devilbiss Healthcare PreserveTech Aquachair Bathing System with Bidet

    Enjoy thorough, independent bathing with the PreserveTech Aquachair Bathing System with Bidet. The perfect solution for individuals with unsteadiness, standing difficulties or problems reaching, the premium shower seat features a convenient in-seat bidet plus handheld shower sprayer and an open seat to help the user clean hard-to-reach areas for optimal hygiene. For additional security and easier transfers, add the optional PreserveTech Aquachair Transfer Accessory with Curtain Guard Protection (Item # RTL12A004-TR). Features Unique shower chair with bidet and shower spray enables full-body cleansing without standing Choose front or rear cleansing modes (front cleansing is gentler than the rear spray) Easily access shower spray from armrest holder; Open seat makes it easy to access hard-to-reach areas Padded non-slip seat and backrest offer support and comfort Adjust the height with the push of a button to achieve the ideal seated position; Seat height adjustments range from 15" to 19.5" Legs include a non-skid, non-slip tip for additional security on wet surfaces Lightweight and durable rust-resistant aluminum frame supports up to 350 lbs. Anti-microbial treated backrest, seat and tips help prevent stains and odors from buildup of bacteria, mold and mildew Easily connects to the water supply - no electrical connection or batteries necessary Specs Actual Product Weight: 10.89 lbs. Back of Chair Height: 19.1" Hose Length: 77" Outside Legs Depth: 16.7" Outside Legs Width: 16.3" Overall Product Height: 34.65" Overall Product Length: 32.28" Overall Product Width: 18.11" Primary Product Color: White Primary Product Material: Plastic, Aluminum Product Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. Seat to Armrest Height: 6.7" Seat to Floor Height: 15"-19.5" Width Between Armrest Pads: 17.8"

    $399.00 CAD$375.00 CAD

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