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  • CarCaddie

    Stander CarCaddie

    The CarCaddie from Stander is a portable handle that offers you stability and ease when getting in or out of a car, van or truck. It is an excellent tool for people with limited mobility. The CarCaddie has a simple yet effective design that makes it easy to install. Simply roll down your window and put the end of the CarCaddie strap around the top of the window frame. Snap the buckle in place, adjust the handle height, and roll up the window - that's it! And because it isn't permanently installed, and has an adjustable strap, you can carry it with you to use in other vehicles. The Car Caddie strap is made of a durable, long lasting nylon. The cushion grip provides a comfortable gripping surface. The buckle has an ergonomic design making it easy to open and close. Features Installs and removes in seconds Fits any framed car window Sturdy nylon construction Adjustable length: 7”-16” No-slip rubber contour grip Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Dimensions Width 5" Height 2" Weight 0.25"  

    $29.99 CAD

  • Lever Extender by Stander

    Stander Lever Extender by Stander

    The Lever Extender from Stander adds 6 inches and a solid gripping surface to your recliner chair handle. This Lever Extender’s 6” of added reach will provide leverage don't have to strain to reach or to pull the lever back. The handle is 6½" wide, giving you more surface to grasp. The Lever Extender is constructed out of heavy duty steel but weighs only 1½ pounds. It features a 4 bolt attachment that ensures a secure fit to most recliner handles. The Lever Extender is also helpful for people who are recovering from surgery, suffering from arthritis or are obese or pregnant. No assembly required, tool included for placement. Features Convenient – puts handle within easy reach Adds Leverage – makes raising and lowering leg rest easy Durable – made of heavy duty steel Padded Design – protects chair handle Secure Fit – four bolt attachment method Allen Wrench Included – no additional tools required Dimensions Length 8.5" Width 6" Height 1" Weight 2"

    $49.99 CAD

  • Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher

    Stander Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher

    The Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher from Stander provides a convenient handle to allow the user to put on their seatbelt without any problems. The Seat belt Reacher simply attaches to the seat belt strap and works great for seniors, disabled persons, and those with arthritis or shoulder pain by reducing strain when twisting or reaching for the seat belt. The rubber handle is small and lightweight and can be taken anywhere.  Features Provides additional assistance to put on your seat belt Made of rubber and stretches easily to reduce strain Snap-on attachment that fits securely to the seat belt strap Universal fit - no modification required Works on both driver and passenger sides Compact and lightweight for easy portability  Dimensions Length 9" Width 2.5" Height 0.25" Weight 0.5"

    $29.99 CAD

Personal Care

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