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  • Sale -17% Medela Pump In Style Double Electric Breast Pump

    Medela Medela Pump In Style Double Electric Breast Pump

    Medela introduces the completely NEW Pump In Style® with innovative vacuum mechanism that combines our research-based 2-Phase Expression® technology with maxFlow ™ technology. The new advanced motor generates vacuum with micro-vibrations for effective breast milk expression. Hospital Performance:  Inspired by our hospital-grade Symphony® breast pump Efficient: Advanced motor generates vacuum with MaxFlow™ micro-vibrations for effective breast milk expression More Milk: Clinically proven to increase milk volume by 11.8%* Easy to Use: Few parts to clean and assemble Intuitive control:  Medela's combined speed and vacuum settings are pre-programmed based on our extensive research in breastfeeding and pumping Closed system: Prevents milk from entering the tubing Comfortable pumping: Two sizes of PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields with soft rim and oval shape for more comfort and a better fit* 2-Phase Expression® technology: mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm Designed for Daily use: Double electric breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day Safe For you and Baby: All parts that touch breast milk are made without BPA Portability: Comes with everything you need to pump at home or away, including cooler bag and stylish carry bag Convenience: Includes a battery pack for convenient pumping away from the power outlet (batteries not included) What’s included? 1 x Pump In Style® Breast Pump 4 x 5 oz/150 mL bottles with lids - 4 2 x Bottle stands 2 x 21 mm PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields 2 x 24 mm PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields 2 x Breast shield connectors with membranes 1 x Complete tubing 1 x Cooler Bag 1 x Cooling element 1 x Microfiber bag 1 x Battery pack (8 AAs not included) 1 x Power adaptor  

    $375.00 CAD$309.99 CAD

  • Soft Silicone Pacifier by Medela

    Medela Soft Silicone Pacifier by Medela (pack of 2)

    Super soft, one-piece silicone pacifier, designed to support baby's natural suckling.Lightweight and orthodontic. Pack of 2 Pacifiers (pink or blue) All our pacifiers are made without BPA and made in Switzerland. Support natural suckling and orthodontic: the flat symmetric shape is designed to support natural suckling and the natural movement of the mouth muscles. Inspired by Medela’s 60 years of expertise on the natural suckling behavior of breastfed babies Lightweight and ergonomic: the one piece silicone pacifier is lightweight and ergonomically designed to allow the baby to smell mom’s comforting scent. Gentle on skin: our pacifiers come with SensoPearls™ feature to maximize airflow and feel gentle on skin. Easy to clean: comes with self sterilizing case. Just add water and put in the microwave for 3 minutes to sterilize. What makes this product so different? At Medela Baby we believe that nothing is as precious as the bond between mother and baby. Nurturing this special bond is what has inspired us as expert researchers in breastfeeding and natural suckling for over 60 years. And this is also the inspiration behind SOFT SILICONE - our first, super soft and lightweight, one-piece silicone pacifier that is designed to support baby's natural suckling. So nothing comes between you two – but love.

    $7.99 CAD

  • Sale -22% Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump with PersonalFit Flex

    Medela Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump with PersonalFit Flex

    Harmony is a single, manual (hand-powered) breast pump designed for occasional time away from your baby. This breast pump is a great option for travel or as an occasional back-up to your double electric breast pump. A small, lightweight, and portable design makes transport easy and discreet for convenient pumping at home, at work, or on the go.  Best of all, an included PersonalFit Flex breast shield means more milk faster, when compared to the traditional 90° breast shield. These shields are designed to reduce pressure on the breast and optimize milk flow, giving you more milk faster. Single Manual Pump: Non-electric; ideal for traveling, occasional time away from your baby, or as a back-up to your usual double electric breast pump. 2-Phase Expression Technology: Express more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum(TM) in the Expression Phase. Soft-Touch, Ergonomic Swivel Handle: For added comfort. Convenient Bottle Stand: Helps prevent spills. 24mm PersonalFit Flex Breast Shield: Included for convenience, other sizes sold separately. Provides more milk faster, when compared to traditional 90° breast shields. What’s included? (1) Harmony Breast Pump (1) 24 mm PersonalFit Flex Breast Shield (1) 5-oz/150mL Breast Milk Bottle with Lid and Stand (1) Valve (2) Membranes Instructions for Use Breastfeeding Information Guide  

    $96.00 CAD$74.99 CAD

  • Medela Swing single electric breast pump

    Medela Medela Swing single electric breast pump

    Medela’s Swing™ Pump is the smallest and lightest single electric breast pump on the market.  Swing is easy to use and so quiet you can pump anywhere, anytime even while nursing! Swing™ is designed for occasional use and offers a battery operated option, making it ideal for moms on the go or for moms who want to pump while nursing.  Swing™ features Medela’s patented 2-Phase Expression® technology, scientifically proven to produce more milk in less time*.  Comes with Medela’s Calma® nipple, scientifically proven to make switching from breast to Calma and back a breeze. All parts that touch breastmilk are made without BPA, DEHP and other phthalates. Included: 1 x Calma® nipple 2 x 150ml bottles with lids (BPA-free) 2 x PersonalFitTM breast shields (Standard size 24mm) 1 x drawstring carrying bag *Why is Medela’s patented 2-Phase Expression technology important?  Research shows that babies feed with two distinct phases.  Stimulation phase - when babies first go to breast, they suck faster to start the milk flowing. Expression phase - after milk flow or "let-down" starts, babies breastfeed with a slower, deeper suck to remove milk. By mimicking this behaviour, Medela`s patented 2-Phase Expression® technology is proven to produce more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum™ in the expression phase. For hygienic reasons, breast pumps cannot be returned once opened.  This is a single user product. Use by more than one person may present a health risk, affects performance, and voids the warranty.   

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