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New Products for September 2022

Matt Walton

Walton Medical is excited to announce the following new products to the store September 2022!

  1. PRONEB Max aerosol delivery system with LC Sprint and LC Plus by PARI. (Pari is discontinuing VIOS with LC Spring for adults and paediatric, limited quantities still available)
  2. Lynx Wheelchair by Drive Devilbiss Healthcare, available seat widths in 16", 18" and 20".
  3. Transport chair with 18" seat and 12" real wheels by Mobb Home Health Care.
  4. OxyGo Next with standard and extended battery options
  5. Prestige Rollator 2-in-1 Transport chair by Triumph Mobility Available in colors sky blue and midnight blue. 
  6. OxyGo Next and OxyGo 5 accessories

The PRONEB max aerosol delivery system comes with two options; LC Sprint and LC Plus.  The key differences between the two options is demonstrated below.





Drive Devilbiss also launched the Lynx wheelchair.  Key features of this wheelchair include treaded tires, quick release wheels, dual axle positions, light aluminum frame (wheelchair weighs 28.5 lbs.) and has padded flip-back desk arms.

The Prestige Rollator transforms into a transport wheelchair and is new to the market as of September 28th, 2022! Check out the video below!


Walton Medical also launched the OxyGo Next portable oxygen concentrator along with all of its accessories. The OxyGo Next has two battery options, standard and extended battery. The chart below demonstrates the estimated duration on a set pulse rate.

Single Battery: Up to 6.5 hours. Recharge up to 3 hours with AC or DC power. Double Battery: Up to 13 hours. Recharge up to 6 hours with AC or DC power.

OxyGo NEXT Battery Life

 Walton Medical will continue to provide Canadians with the best medical products. We appreciate you visiting

Best regards,

Matt Walton

President of Walton Medical 

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