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The Stander HandyBar is a 3-in-1 automotive safety tool that allows the user to easily sit or stand safely while entering or exiting their vehicle, offering support and protecting from falls. It fits securely into either the passenger or driver side of the door of almost all types of vehicles and provides optimal leverage. The Avin HandyBar comes with two added safety features for automotive emergencies: a built-in window breaker and seat belt cutter. This solid mobility bar has a non-slip fitting grip and is a universal fit for all automobiles. It's perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone who needs help getting in and out of cars. Note: Ensure your vehicle has two bolts or screws attaching the striker to the door frame. If your vehicle has a light switch in the striker, be sure the  HandyBar does not interfere with its operation. Weight capacity is 350 pounds.

  • STANDING HANDLE: The HandyBar provides users with stability and balance while standing or sitting from any vehicle
  • OPTIMIZE LEVERAGE: Sitting parallel to the car when inserted into the door latch, the assist grab bar increasing leverage to stand from a sitting position
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Easily store the 1-pound support aid in the glove box, door compartment, or any purse to take while traveling
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Insert the metal tip of the HandyBar into the U-shaped door latch striker of any car, truck, van, or SUV
  • WINDOW BREAKER: In the case of emergencies, use the metal tip of the car assist cane to break the vehicle window and escape
  • SEAT BELT CUTTER: The HandyBar includes a built-in seatbelt cutter to be used in the case of emergencies 
  • HEAVY DUTY: Safely supports up to 350 pounds of weight and designed for everyday use
  • PROVIDES INDEPENDENCE: Perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone needing mobility assistance 
  • Length 9"
  • Width 1"
  • Height 1" 
  • Weight 0.75 lbs. 

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