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How to choose the right toilet seat

Matt Walton

Q: What is the purpose of a raised toilet seat?

Answer: A raised toilet seat provides a safer environment by helping prevent falls in the bathroom. The seat raises the height of the toilet to a more comfortable level, making it easier to sit down and stand up.  It also decreases the space between the user and the toilet to help alleviate any burden placed on the hip and knees. 

Q: What kind of raised toilet seat do I need? 

1. Determine the height needed. 


2. Determine the shape of your toilet

3. Determine which installation is right for you

4. Determine which features are right for you

Safety considerations
  1. Be sure to center your weight
  2. Routinely check for secure fit before using product
  3. Use arm supports for assistance.  Do not use arm supports to support your full body weight.  

 Additional bathroom safety items

  1. Toilet safety frames
  2. Grab Bars
  3. Toilet safety rails 


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Raised Toilet Seats 

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