Intellipap 2 CPAP

A review of the Intellipap 2 CPAP

, by Matthew Walton, 4 min reading time

The Intellipap 2 by Drive Devilbiss Healthcare was brought to the industry in 2016 and much like its predecessor offers many convenient options that any CPAP user will appreciate. So let's dive in and get right to the details.

The intellipap 2 has a sleek small design compared to the original Intellipap series.  The compressor measures 3.7 inches in height, 6.1 inches in width and 5.9 inches in diameter.  The compressor weights 1.93 lbs and the entire unit (with humidifier) weights 3.8 lbs.  

The intellipap 2 series has 2 different options.  The two options are:

  1. Intellipap 2 with Heated Humidifier
  2. Intellipap 2 with Pulse Dose Humidifier 

The standard heated humidifier (option 1) allows the user to receive continuous humidity throughout inspiration and expiration.  The pulse dose humidifier (option 2) allows the user to receive humidity only during inspiration.  This pulse dose mechanism prevents the build up of condensation (rainout/water) in the CPAP hose.  We all can understand how rainout is annoying to any CPAP user and by having this option is music to any CPAP users ears.  

The CPAP utilizes a standard 15mm or 22mm grey CPAP corrrugated hose and fits universally to all CPAP masks.  The compressor is connected to the humidifier by angeling downwards to the front of the humidifier and clicks in nicely.  The black carrier bag manages to fit your unit and hose nicely and leaves a little room for a full face mask.  You can use the CPAP without the humidifier if you choose to do so by placing the grey plug from the back to the bottom port of the CPAP and then connecting your CPAP hose to the back of the CPAP.  

The Intellipap 2 CPAP has many different options to view your therapy.  It has a smartphone app available for android and apple users titled "Devilbiss Smartlink".  Youtube has several videos on how this feature works and displays information such as time used, apnea/hypopnea index, leak %, 90th and 95th percentile pressure, exhale puff index and central apnea index.  You can also view your data with the smartlink software or by using the smartcode feature by inputting your 1-day, 7-day or 30 day smartcode into the website.

 The CPAP has a nice digital display clock as well as an alarm clock feature.  The alarm clock feature is accessed by going into the "wake-up alert" feature under clock settings and also allows you to set the volume of the alarm which is a plus. 

 The Intellipap 2 features smartflex technology.  Smartflex in other words is exhalation relief.  The CPAP ranges the user to have a pressure of 3.0-20.0 cmH2O in the auto mode.  Please note that both pulse dose and standard units are auto-cpap's.  You can also set the CPAP to work with a fixed pressure if you so choose.  The smartflex feature allows the user to preference their setting from 0-3 cmH2O of exhalation relief.  

The Intellipap 2 uses the same filters as the original CPAP series.  There is a white fine particle filter and a black air filter.  The black filter sits in front of the fine filter (white) and is located on the back of the compressor unit.  The intellipap 2 has an auto-on and auto-off feature such that as you place your cpap mask and begin to breathe the unit will being to provide pressure therapy.  The auto-off feature also works by shutting itself off after removing your CPAP mask. There is a ramp feature with a push button on top of the compressor unit and also allows the user to set the amount of time (up to 45 minutes) to ramp up to your prescribed pressure.  The ramp feature also allows you to set the initial starting ramp pressure.  All of the above features are key to a good nights rest with pressure therapy.  

The intellipap 2 CPAP is quiet as the volume is 26.6 dBA.  The warranty on the intellipap 2 unit is 3 years from date of purchase and can be purchased at 

In summary, the Intellipap 2 is a serious contender to be one of the best CPAP's on the market.  It provides all the necessary features and extras to ensure the CPAP user is compliant.  If you have any questions please ask below in the comments section and I will do my best to answer any inquiries.  Thank-you for visiting the Walton Medical blog.

Matt Walton RRT

President/Walton Medical 

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