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Lumin Bullett

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Lumin Bullett

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The Lumin BULLET is a device intended to sanitize CPAP hoses by using a specialized high powered UV LED to help make sanitizing a CPAP hose quick and easy. Efficiently powered, the Lumin BULLET is rechargeable with a micro USB cable with one charge lasting for up to 30 uses.

Powerful UV Light

UV light is well known around the world for its cleaning properties. Washing alone doesn't always ensure the cleanest hose. UV light involves no toxic or harmful gases and is extremely fast, effective.

Universally Compatible

Lumin Bullet is universally compatible with almost every brand and style of CPAP hose and heated tubing. The Lumin Bullet, however, is not compatible with the ResMed ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tube for AirSense™ 10

An Effective Option- Ozone-Free

Lumin Bullet relies on ultraviolet light. Lumin and Lumin Bullet are a fast and easy way to clean your CPAP accessories.

USB Rechargeable Battery

The Lumin Bullet CPAP hose cleaner is rechargeable with a micro USB cable to make it easy and convenient to use. One charge lasts for 30 uses.

Fast Cleaning

Unlike other methods, UV light is a fast cleaning option. In under 60 seconds, your hose is ready for use. No waiting period, no delays, and no chemicals.


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